Bespoke Builders Melbourne

Bespoke Builders Melbourne

Bespoke Builders Melbourne

Build a home that feels like home.
Get custom homes built by specialist bespoke builders in Melbourne.

When it comes to a perfect home, everyone has a different idea of what defines perfection. While some might want a commanding structure, there are some who might want understated elegance to be their voice. And while some might want larger open spaces to entertain, there are those who would like to create their own haven of privacy and relaxation. Whatever your idea of perfection may be, there is nobody who will understand it better than you. And as reputed high end home builders in Melbourne, we understand this better than most.

We believe that your home should be built keeping you in mind.

A home is so much more than a place where you can live. It is a space to provide comforting calm and nurture dreams. An ideal home will be an extension of who you are, and should reflect your aspirations for the life you want. But most importantly, it should be a space which makes you feel at home.

As you will agree, there can be many versions of perfection, and the same plan will not necessarily work for all. As preferred bespoke family home builders in Melbourne, it is exciting to give shape to each of these different versions. It is very fulfilling to start afresh with every project, and build home dreams from the ground up, and seeing ideas take the form they were intended to.

Designing and building custom homes is our core passion.

The Seidler Group is a family owned and operated business, birthed by the passion to design and create beautiful spaces for people to live in. Harry Seidler, our distant relative and inspiration, is known for his effusive zeal for modern architecture and design. This zeal takes on new energy in Luke and Sarah Seidler, who continue to build upon their father’s dream. Chris Seidler, our director, loves to create stunning visual opportunities while also maximizing natural light access.

We have an ever-growing drive to build extraordinary homes, and delight in outdoing ourselves with every project. We have won numerous awards for our work not only for our stellar designs and build quality, but also for waste minimization and energy efficiency, earning us the sobriquet of being sustainable builders in Melbourne.

We have worked for varied clients, and have even built homes for different generations of families. Many of our projects are deemed as design landmarks, and we have built homes across different locations like the Yarra Valley as well as the peninsular, acreage, rural and inner urban districts. This has made us the builder of choice for our clients in the eastern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including the Bayside.

Being extraordinary is our starting point.

The Seidler Group has created new standards in luxury, not only from a design and construction perspective, but also from a service standpoint. Once on board, we can take care of the entire process from concept and design to overseeing construction and completion to create a smooth client experience throughout the process. Even as we start off with a blank slate, you will experience the flawless expertise of the Seidler way as we define and bring your vision to life. Client satisfaction is our driving motto, and we delight in witnessing the priceless smiles on the faces of our clients, when they see their dream come alive.

Reach out to us if you are looking for specialised bespoke builders.

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