Design and Construction
Published 09.6.17

New Office, New Era

Seidler Group, formally known as Seidler Homes, undertook a transformation during the early months of 2016. With the desire to reflect the modern and innovative nature of our projects, our brand image was refreshed in collaboration with Seesaw Design and Yoke Creative Agency.

We are encouraging the company to evolve collectively with our ever evolving designs, techniques and technologies, welcoming a new era for Seidler Group. ‘’Moving into a modern and clean environment, reflective of my work and passion has opened my mind to creative thinking and innovation in a way I would never have imagined. I believe your state of mind is reflective of your state of space.” Managing Director of Seidler Group, Chris Seidler.

Developments in our brand identity eventuated to a redefined and polished Seidler image to represent our well-established company. The new office created a new era for us and a powerful momentum has been created across the entire team.

We are excited for the future of the company and the endless possibilities it will see.